Big Tex is here and I'm probably at the fair!

All State Fair All the Time!
There's a ton of stuff here, and I have something new this year. Whether you're planning a trip to the fair later or just want to enjoy vicariously, this is where you'll find the goods!

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Sunday, Oct. 2
This my foodie day! Fletcher's Corny Dogs has invited me to join them for a corny dog AND a chance to meet the stars of Deep Fried Dynasty. I'll be tasting something at each of these fair food booths!

Since I skipped Opening Day this year, this also is the day I'll share coupon prices for food, drinks and rides.
Monday, Oct. 4

I skipped Opening Day this year, so this will be my exploring day - checking prices, eating a bit, revisiting all the traditional spots as well as a few new ones and reporting back.
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Restaurant Owners with Booths at the Fair

Read my story online at D Magazine.

How to Decide What to Eat 

I've got some recs, but I also have a fun "spin the wheel" app for you to play with. No sighup required.

How to Sort Out Those Discounts

Figuring out when to go and which tickets to buy can get complicated. There are so many discounts.

Things to Bring to the Fair

Wearing comfotable shoes is a must. But here are some other things to bring that will make your day better.

Top Tips for the State Fair of Texas

These tips will make your day at the State Fair of Texas much better.

Ways to Spend the Day

A foodie day, an all things ad day, a date night. There are so many choices.

Coming soon

A to Z Guide to the Fair

All the things I love about the State Fair of Texas from A to Z.