Seated keeps you in the know and saves you money too

Seated helped me discover brunch at Dahlia on Ross.

When I first received a press release about an app called Seated, I wasn't sure how much value it could offer, but once invited, I signed up anyway. It was first promoted to me as a way for restaurants to fill seats at slower times by offerent rewards. Now I've always liked dining at quieter times, so doing that while getting something extra for it sounded good to me. 

I'm always skeptical of rewards, because I've been offered plenty that were basically worthless. But rewards from Seated are like cash back, not at the restaurants you dine at but at retailers. Now I don't need any Nikes or what I consider "treat" shopping, but Seated Rewards can be claimed at Target, Uber, CVS, Starbucks - maybe come of those are "everyday" purchases for you.

So how does it work? You download the app (it's free) make a reservation and note the reward percent being offered. If I book a lunch reservation at Mesero in Victory Park, I get a 21% rewards. If I spent $20 on lunch, when I upload my receipt, I'll get $4.20 worth of rewards. When you reach a redeemable threshhold for a reward for the merchant of your choice, you get the reward. (Target rewareds can be redeemed for $10, and I'll have that after just a few meals.)

The reward surges show you busy and slow times - higher rewards are available when there's more availability at the restaurant. You can also find a spot to eat near a date destination or use Seated to discover new (or new-to-you restaurants and availability at odd times. I found a surprising number of restaurants with reservations available at 11 p.m. on a Thursday night. 

If you use my referral code kristina615 you'll get an extra $15 reward as soon as you reserve, dine and upload your first receipt. (I'll get $15 too, so that's kinda cool.)