Why I'm "Just Me​" in Big D

There are several reasons "Just Me In Big D is  a perfect handle for me. I don't think you have to be wealthy or pretty or traditionally successful to have fun in Dallas or wherever you live. I don't really follow trends, and I like doing things solo. 

The Neiman Marcus Popover Story

When D Magazine's multi-week poll named the Neiman Marcus popover the Most Iconic Dish in Dallas, I had to take a pause. I won't argue with a public poll, but it made clear who the audience for D Magazine is. How many nurses, teachers, firefighters, or service industry workers have ever been able to lunch at Neiman Marcus?

Don't get me wrong - I read D Magazine all the time. And they're right to provide content that suits their audience. And they also do deeper dives into the culture of Dallas that appeal to (and benefit) everyone. But the focus is absolutely on the affluent.

That was the first inspiration for my social handles @JustMeInBigD. I just don't have that affluent mindset, and it's fine if you do, but it's also fine if you don't. I plan to feature places that are somewhat more accessible.

For the record, my bracket votes for the most iconic dish in Dallas were for Snuffer's Cheddar Fries, El Fenix Enchiladas, and of course, Fletcher's Corny Dogs.

I did go try the popover.​ I took it as a challenge, which is very "just me." It was Christmas time at NorthPark Center (now that's iconic Dallas) so I popped in to NM Cafe for lunch. The complimentary treat was nice, and the burger on the menu at NM Cafe was really good, but I still think Fletcher's Corny Dogs was robbed.

Where did the nickname "Big D" come from

I’m from Big D, my oh yes

Big D, little a, double L-A-S!

If you're young, you've never heard this song, so you might wonder why  Dallas is known as Big D. The song, written by Frank Loesser for the 1956 Broadway film, The Most Happy Fella. The show ran on Broadway for 14 months and was broadcast on The Ed Sullivan Show.

The musical certainly isn't the first time Dallas was called Big D, but it certainly gained nationwide acceptance of the nickname. 

Check out the lyrics here and take a moment to appreciate the mentions of Neiman Marcus and the part about "that spells Dallas, where ev'ry home's a palace cause the settlers settle for no less." I'm also fond of "that spells Dallas, I mean it with no malice, but the rest of Texas looks a mess." Pretty prescient for th 1950s, eh?

Better yet, watch Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews  performing it at Carnegie Hall. I've embedded the YouTube video below.