Dallas Murals That Will Lift Your Spirits 

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of public art. I've been collecting pics of Dallas Murals for years. I started taking pictures of pretty buildings, unique sculptures, and colorful murals through my car window - first as a way to amuse myself while delivering food on-demand, and later by necessity as I recovered from a severe lower limb injury. Now I've started enjoying it again as a way to stay safely distant from other people and slow the spread of COVID-19.

I'm working on a collection of all (or nearly all the murals in Dallas) complete with locations and artist information. Until my list is complete, I thought I'd share some by theme. All of these have uplifting themes, so they're a great place to start your own "pics through the car window" collection. Many of them are great for selfies or family photos too. In this article, I'll also introduce you to another mural fan I met through Instagram who loves to visit the beautiful street art in Dallas with her daughter. They have captured some of my favorites around town.

Stay on the Bright Side

Pictured here is "Stay on the Bright Side" sponsored by Frost Bank and painted by mural artist Mario E. Figueroa, Jr, AKA Gonzo 247 on Instagram. You'll find it at 2801 Elm St (facing Crowdus Street, near Reno’s Chop Shop.) Photo (of me!) couresy of Barbara Brands, (aim.shoot.love.life on Instagram).

Genesis: The Gift of Life Mural

At times like these I like to acknowledge being part of something much larger than myself. This glass mosaic mural at the Dallas Museum of Art embodies that in several ways.

This 60-foot-wide mosaic was completed by Mexican artist, Miguel Covarrubias in 1954, in Dallas, but not at its current location. The art was first installed on the Stewart Title Building on North Central Expressway, where it stood for almost 40 years.

It was originally a gift of sorts; brothers Peter and Waldo Stewart, the owners of the business, were raised in Mexico, and they commissioned the Covarrubias artwork to brighten up the building. I imagine its vivid colors brought joy to many a weary Dallas commuter. When the building was scheduled to be demolished in the early 90s, a donation by Comerica Bank-Texas allowed the mosaic to be recovered and restored on-site in the Dallas Arts District.

It depicts the Biblical Creation story, incorporating Native American iconography and representing the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water. From the story of the gift to the stirring elements depicted in the artwork, there's something here to inspire just about anyone, whether you're viewing up close or from a distance.

Covarrubias died in 1957, but you can learn more about him and his art on his artist page on the Dallas Museum of Art website.

You can view this work at the Dallas Museum of Art Main Entrance on North Harwood Street near the Woodall Rodgers Freeway.

Be Epic Mural 

Dallas artist Chris Bingham describes this mural he painted as "Your daily reminder to go out and crush whatever you set out to do." I agree, as long as you know that your thing to be epic at can be as simple as sharing kindness or loving your family. You can set out to do great things or strive to do small things with great love. In my philosophy, both are equally epic.

Follow @chrisbinghamart on Instagram to view his other murals, purchase his art, and soak up his #positivevibes.

This mural is great for "jumpouts," selfies, or family portraits, and it can easily be captured through the car window if you visit on a weekend.  It's tucked away in a quiet part of the Dallas Design District at 1356 Chemical Street.

Masked Rembrandt

I snapped this pic on May 1st, 2020, not realizing that Dallas artist Ryan Stalsby had painted this portrait of Rembrandt almost two years ago! Looks like The Art Gallery Dallas added the mask so Rembrandt won't be spreading virus droplets. An excellent decision, if I do say so myself.

Find this piece at The Art Gallery, 1507 Dragon Street in the Dallas Design District.

This Must Be the Place Mural 

This understated mural by Alli K designs at the Favor the Kind retail store in Knox-Henderson inspires me for several reasons. To me, the cacti and flowers deliver a "bloom where you're planted" message. In other words, wherever you are, find joy and be your best self. Store owner Carley Seale strives to "spread the joy of the kind life" with her merchandise and with they way she runs her business in this special place that feels essentially right.

To capture that feeling of being in theee right place for yourself, go see this lovely mural at 2928 N. Henderson Ave.

Good Things Happen Here Mural

It's easy to catch that happy feeling when you visit Flea Style in Deep Ellum. Especially when you see this positive vibes mural in the parking lot.

It's the work of Grace Dille, artistic director at Flea Style and the artist behind Maddon and Co. art company in Dallas. See it at 3009 Commerce St.

Believe in Yourself Mural 

This is one of several murals painted on the side of St. Pete's Dancing Marlin restaurant and bar at 2730 Commerce in Deep Ellum. The mural is unsigned, but the artist had a clear message with the hashtag #stepforward.

A Space to Be Yourself Mural

This mural at Fiction Coffee at 1619 N Hall St. is one of my favorites for several reasons. I hope everything on this site confirms that we should all be acknowledged and accepted for who we are. There's no denying that this message, complete with a space for selfies is one we all need.

The mural was painted by one of my favorite Dallas artists, Mari Pohlman, known on Instagram as @marpohl. Much of her work is bright, colorful, and uplifting and she seems to be that kind of person too. She left a successful business career to pursue her ream of being an artist, and is knocking it out of the park. That kind of "reinventing yourself" story always inspires me.

I Love You Mural 

If an inspiring story is just as important to you as the art, you might find this one hard to top. The mural was a key element in a very romantic marriage proposal surprise. The proposal itself, right down to the "Will you marry me" also appears in another section of the mural.

Visit this work by Dusty Gilpin of Oklahoma at 2912 Elm St. (Bucky Moonshine's.)

Dallas Love Wall Mural 

This mural on the side of Oak Lawn Pharmacy has been sharing love with nearby Great American Hero sandwich shop, which was already quite Instagrammable. Perhaps the artwork and its positivity channeled good luck to the shop. When owner Dominick Oliverie started saying in August of 2021 that he was retiring at the end of the year and closing the sub shop, loyal customers panicked. Now Oliverie has gotten his retirement and the shop has new owners, and potentially a new location (or two or three or four.) See the mural at 4001 Lemmon Ave., and yeah, grab a sub while you're there.